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Visualize Multiple Live Feeds

Replay is a “DVR for Situational Awareness” that synchronizes multiple live data streams onto a map for live monitoring, playback and review of operational scenarios. Replay’s extensible software architecture allows for multiple data adapters to be created for each live feed or data source to stream information into Replay’s geo-temporal visualization.

Visually Fuze

Replay provides a single, common picture across all of your systems, live streams and data sources providing enhanced situational awareness by synchronously animating data from multiple sources onto a single map.

Play, Pause, Rewind

Synchronously play, pause and rewind the data in a geospatial context. Temporal & geospatial correlations become instantly apparent as alerts and events unfold together in time.

Designed for Touch

Replay is a Windows® application designed specifically for use with multi-touch monitors to facilitate intuitive data discovery, interactive storytelling, easy collaboration and engaging presentations. Replay works well with a variety of vendors’ touchscreens, touch walls, tablets and also supports input from a standard mouse & keyboard, SpaceMouse® and Xbox® controllers for navigating more complex 3D scenes.

Customize your Replay experience

By combining your data with many of the tools that Replay has to offer, you can tailor your situational awareness experience to fit all your specific needs. These are just some of the powerful tools Replay has in its toolbox.

  • Create Shapes

    Create vector points, lines and polygons to make representations of geographic data.

  • Movement Projection

    Anticipate arrival times of moving objects within an area based on user defined ranges.

  • Export to PowerPoint

    Quickly export selected items or the entire screen to PowerPoint.

  • Measurement

    Rapidly measure distances along paths, areas within shapes, and static and dynamic distances between objects.

  • Create Markers

    Easily create and customize static and temporal markers.

  • Import 3D Objects

    Import and visualize 3D objects, such as structures to create a richer environment.

See Replay in action.

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